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Arbitration Law in Iran

Iran arbitration regime is basically governed by two different Acts: Section 7 of the Civil Procedure Act which governs “Domestic [...]

Applicable Law in Iran Arbitration

Iranian courts and arbitral tribunals, as to the matter of applicable law, have different approaches. Therefore, one should take a [...]

Arbitration Agreement in Iran

There are two different regimes of arbitration in Iran for governing domestic and international arbitrations, and consequently, for governing the [...]

Institutional Arbitration in Iran

Although ad-hoc arbitration might have some advantages, institutional arbitration in Iran is known as a safe solution, mainly because the [...]

New York Convention in Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran jointed the Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York Convention, 1958) by [...]

Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Iran

Under Iran arbitration regime, there are three categories of arbitral awards: “National Awards”, “International Awards” and “Foreign Awards”, as will [...]

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